Close Stepdaughters

Children are the greatest gift you can have. Received a beautiful greeting from my stepdaughters, Cathy Jacobs in Las Vegas, and Becky Waudby, Portland, Oregon, for Mother’s Day. Inside my Mom’s Day card Becky wrote- ” Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and thank you for being there.” Inside Cathy’s card she wrote- “Thank you, Sherry for taking such good care of Dad all these years and being there showing us kids love.”

Becky's gift of love

Becky’s gift of love

It was wonderful to receive such validation. I celebrated Mother’s Day at Portland Seafood Company with Becky and my husband, Joe,  and afterwards, Becky gave me a precious bouquet of Red and White Peppermint tulips. I love my girls so much. I will always keep them close in my heart.

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