ABOUT Ladies in Blue Group

Me with Ladies in Blue friends

Me with Ladies in Blue friends

Ladies in Blue

Ladies in Blue

Schizoaffective Disorder Politics


Living with schizoaffective disorder doesn’t stop my love and passion for our country and politics. I know my emotions and how I feel about certain issues and I am not afraid to voice my opinion. I believe that people should be treated equally and there is a place for everyone in the United States. I am a lover of peace. Dining with friends in my political group, Ladies in Blue. Ladies in Blue is a political group associated with Organizing for America now Organizing for Action.As a member of Ladies in Blue, we phone-banked for President Obama and  politicians in Oregon. Several of us were asked to greet President Obama when he came to Intel in February 2011, to speak an had a photo op with him.  Last night, we shared views on politics and life. Our bonds were strong, and we connected in a special way. Thank you, to Carmen Wong for getting us together and hosting this event your beautiful home.

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