Happy Easter and Feliz Pascoa

Yesterday, my husband, our adopted grand girls, their father, and me went on an egg hunt at Mt. Scott Community Center, Portland, Oregon. There was a DJ who played 60’s music and people in blue jeans were rocking out.  An arts and crafts table where you could make ‘bunny hats’ and Easter decorations, stood at the park entrance. We were served a breakfast and  Kayla and Kylie made out like bandits with two basketfuls of colorful pastel eggs and bunny hats. I wish a very Happy Easter to my friends and acquaintances, here and abroad, and Feliz Pascoa to my family in the states and in Brazil. This Easter was a little harder on my schizoaffective disorder than usual because of what was happening in Brussels, and I had very close friends traveling overseas. I was being uprooted. I hadn’t been hospitalized for forty years, since Good Friday, 1976, so I was a little concerned. I had grown so much, yet, I was still feeling something in the air. I had a session with my psychiatrist and bought some chocolate, which I don’t usually do, and ginned and bared it. It took self-talk and discussing my paranoia and depression with my husband that brought me out of it. And listening to a meditation tape at night to sleep by. I will write in my journal today, walk, paint, and meditate. Today is a beautiful day, but tomorrow will also hold more promises.

“Easter Bunnies”
Kylie, left, Me, Kayla, right

Easter Bunnies

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