Tribute to my mother, Maria- February 24, 1989

Mom in her LPN Uniform

Mom in her LPN Uniform

In memory of my dear mother, Maria, who took her life Feb. 24, 1989.
My mother, came from a large Brazilian family of 10 brothers and sisters. She was a mother of three, a nurse, a grandparent, a foster grandparent. I can remember her at a dim lamp over our dining room table preparing for her Practical Nursing License, when I was young. She gave me a Renoir art book with this quote she wrote- “Dear Sherry, May you be as great a painter as Renoir”-“Today, I will love myself, and patiently care for my needs so that my security, soon, will grow to include others.” I loved her philosophies of life and miss her dearly and her sense of humor. She was 67 when she left us. The photo below is my mom a few years before her death.

My Brazilian Mom

My Brazilian Mom


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