A Veil of Snow

Every year, for four years, I feel myself walking up a new spiritual path to celebrate another happening of my life. With the tiny hands of my adopted granddaughters- Kayla and Kylie, held tight in the creases of my palms, I pass through a veil of snow, the white powdery stuff, that hides the scars of my past and causes my grief to disappear. I’m in a happier time in place. Together we travel to see the lights at the Grotto and the lights at the Portland Zoo. This time we took a trip to Alpenrose Dairy and saw Santa. It was a musical time being at the Alpenrose Holiday Village. We visited the Train Shop and met the conductor who showed us around. A movie was playing at the Opera House and Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto starred in ‘A Christmas Carol.’ There was a Storybook Lane with a variety of real animals, a donkey to pet and let go with, and many more shops and landmarks. All very interesting and healing. The calm waters of a pond nearby with ducks and geese floating freely, gave you a relaxed feeling.  Peaceful and happy moments like this- the kids, their father, my husband, and beautiful surroundings make my Christmas. May you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Photo- A Veil of Snow- by Sherry

A Veil of Snow

A Veil of Snow

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