World AIDS Day Schizoaffective Anniversary


My brother, Doug’s birthday is November 24th. World AIDS Day follows on December 1st. Not because of my brother, specifically, but for him and the many who were affected by HIV and perished with AIDS. I lit a healing candle for Doug, and the many that suffered and died from this disease. I also reflected on the family members who experienced the death of AIDS to their loved ones. My brother was 32 when he passed away with AIDS. I miss him so much. He was taken far too young.

I went for a swim today and decided to let go and relax. I gave myself permission to be here, in the now, and my tension and stress melted away. I had been painting a grieving picture- ‘Woman in Black’ from Manet, and finally completed it. I came to a closure with the death of my brother. I am also saddened by the news of the tragedy in San Bernardino at the Inland Regional . My prayers and loving healing thoughts are being sent for everyone involved. The photos are of ‘The Woman in Black.’ and my brother when he was a student in a Catholic Elementary School.

My brother, Doug

My brother, Doug

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