Double Life from Ashland

Visiting my good friend, Alice Savage Gardner, at the Olive Garden in Eugene, on our way to Ashland,

Alice and I at Halloween

Alice and I at Halloween

and were treated to lunch by Alice. Joe, my husband, and I watched ‘Guys and Dolls’ our second night in Ashland and met the main actor, Nathan, of ‘Guys and Dolls’ while attending my great niece’s soccer game. On Halloween day, my great niece danced in a performance of ‘Thriller’ and 1,000 or more people in costume marched down the main part of town. Halloween costumes were comical, yet frightening, exotic and erotic, political and religious and more vivacious and ingenious than the year before. A girl on a dragon caught my eye. She was walking with a dragon tail trailing behind her, and the head of the dragon in front of her. Attached to the dragon were two fake legs to make it look like she was riding the dragon. The legs had slippers on their feet and she brought a leg up to her face and touched her chin with a slipper. On our way back to Portland, Joe and I listened to my sister and her husband’s CD that they just cut- “Double Life- Don’t Forget How to Rock.” My sister- Bass and Vocal, Bob Weibel, her husband- Lead Guitar, metalophone, and Vocals. We were treated to brunch by our good friend, Mitzi Loftus, who is  an author. A good time had by all.

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