Fireworks at Oak’s Park

Kayla's 6th birthday

Kayla’s 6th birthday

Me at Hood River Bowl

Me at Hood River Bowl

We celebrated Kayla, my adopted granddaughter’s 6th birthday on the Fourth of July with her sister, Kylie, and their Aunt Lisa. The celebration took place at Hood River Bowl in Gresham, Oregon. This is Kayla blowing out her birthday candles on her birthday cake in the shape of a bowling ball. Kayla loves to bowl. Afterwards we went to Oaks Park to witness a spectacular display of colorful lights reflecting patterns of star fish, lightening bugs, sunflowers, and tear drops in the sky. It was so moving. In the photo Kylie is on the left of Auntie Lisa, and Kayla is on the right.  I am the one in red, white, and blue.

Kylie, Aunt Lisa, Kayla

Kylie, Aunt Lisa, Kayla


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