Memorial Day- 2015

In this vast world, for so many decades, people I know or haven’t known, have perished in war fighting for my freedom. For some reason, be it- compassion, inner love, or strife for peace, it was necessary for them to let the flow which was embodied in their spirit, to fight for our country and to keep us out of harms way. Their leadership kept the abundance flowing. As I awaken each morning, I am grateful that I have the life I live today and for the risks others have taken for me. I’m honored that I’m able to live in this truly great nation of ours. I’m sorry and regretful so many of our fallen heroes from Roseburg have lost their lives in Viet Nam, 10 of them, including my dear friend Michael George Foutz. I want to personally thank his family and the family of our classmates for their love and dedication to our country. I would also like to thank the service men and women I have never seen or had the privilege to shake hands with, that lost their lives to protect our country. Thank you all, for pouring your infinite love into our hearts.

Fallen heroes from Roseburg, Oregon- May they rest in peace.

Memorial Day Rose

Memorial Day Rose

William Evan Burke, Michael George Foutz, Richard Paul Gray, Gerry Arthur Harr, James. E Huddleson, Sanfor Bernard Kempke, Rodney Edwin Kinyon, Willian Edward Locke, Edward Arthur Mathes, and Grover C. Mathews.

I did this Memorial Day painting in oils.

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