Exploring A New World

I Can Play The Music

I Can Play The Music

Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo Mirror

Peek A Boo Mirror

I’m exploring a new world as I create a Tiny Hands On Book for my Great Granddaughter Phoebe. I am developing quite the sense of humor as I think of how to sew new pages for her book. I made a Peek A Boo page, where I took a mirror and sewed it down with my machine, to the material, and the page. I knew I was doing the right thing (intuition), but the  material lost shape as I cut a circle in it, and I sewed it on top of the mirror. I found myself apologizing to myself and forcing the material to move out of the way of the needle. I was challenged by the storms of life, thinking that it would be easier to paint an ocean scene, but still there was a beautiful day going on outside. I finished with a smile and stood on my head trying to take a picture of my new invention. Then I decided to create a music page with bells and miniature elastic rope. To my surprise it worked after running the machine across the rope 90 times to secure it and hoping it wouldn’t fray and fall apart.  I also found patterns for an “I Can Match The Colors,” and “Button The Flowers” page. Afterwards, I took a long walk outside and viewed the beautiful blooming of the flowers and listened to the birds serenade me in the trees. Now I have a fresh outlook for my other 6 pages.

"I Can Button The Flowers"

“I Can Button The Flowers”

"I Can Match The Colors"

“I Can Match The Colors”


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