My Holiday Card- ‘White Christmas’

My holiday card for you. Happy Holidays everyone! May your days be Merry, Peaceful, and Bright. The story behind the card- My painting, ‘White Christmas,’ was sold at the NAMI Lane County Holiday Dinner Auction, December 2. I painted the picture to lift Holiday spirits. I find that celebrating anniversaries and being in a commercialized world can be so unsettling during this time of year. So my aim was to capture people and places of their dreams. Painting carried me through many a holiday. I painted ‘White Christmas’ because I wanted Christmas to be a release, a ‘Freedom within my mind.’ I loved snow and enjoyed expressing my art on canvas.

This time of year I like to escape to when my sister and I wore wool mittens and leggings and slid around the icy pond in Salt Lake City. It was near our duplex, and we climbed over the fence to get to the pond to put on a show with the neighborhood kids. Biting holes in the tips of our wet mittens to block the chill from coming through to our brittle fingers. There was always a cup of hot cocoa waiting for us when we came home. Mom kept an oven lit for us to warm our fingers and toes by.

My Holiday Card 2014 'White Christmas'

My Holiday Card 2014
‘White Christmas’


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