My Article in NAMI Voice Newsletter

Bringing Peace and Happiness to the Psych Ward An article which ran in the NAMI Voice newsletter, Spring 2013 As a member of the National Alliance of Mental Illness and lecturer in a psych ward, I introduce a meditation exercise to my groups. I have everyone get comfortable and relaxed and count from toe to … Continue reading

A Favorite Memory

I was painting from a picture of a lady on a swing on a warm springs day. It was a blend of impressionism and realism and I was overcome by the feeling of peace and tranquility as I painted it. It reminded me of all the times I lectured at the psych ward and gave … Continue reading

Painting of Mt. Hood

Two weeks after my fortieth birthday, Feb. 24th, my mom took her life. She wrote a note saying that she would like her ashes to be spread on the heel of Mt. Hood in a valley by a crystal blue stream. My mom’s life was rocky with disappointments meeting her at the doorstep. Still she … Continue reading


Two pictures of my portraits Stacey Abrams and Nancy Pelosi are published in the North Clackamas Arts Guild Newsletter. Women of extreme strength and courage, standing for truth, equality, justice, and protection. I am so happy. Here are the portraits I did in oil by Sherry M. Joiner


When my character has been questioned, I sometimes hold the image of a Calla Lily in my mind. The innocence and dignity of the flower. Once I painted a picture of Calla Lilies for my Brazilian Aunt Deanna and her husband Doc, for their 50th anniversary. They symbolized honesty, strength, and courage. I send that … Continue reading


Congratulations President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. It was a perfect day. ‘By the Dawn’s Early Light’ Painting by Sherry M. Joiner


I’m with you Stacey Abrams, let’s win the Georgia Senate. Portrait of Stacey Abrams by Sherry M. Joiner

ABOUT Magic Mug

My Grand girls gave me a Bob Ross mug for Christmas. It is magical. The face of Bob Ross lights up while you pour your hot chocolate into the mug. On the back of the mug it says, “We no longer make mistakes, we just have happy accidents. I will remember that while I am … Continue reading

HOME Obama’s Book

My husband gave me President Obama’s book A Promise Land for Christmas. I am so happy. I lit up like bubble lights strung up on a Christmas tree like when I was young. Years ago. I love President Obama’s writing. I’m playing the role of the President with him steering the limousine in the driver’s … Continue reading