My Article in NAMI Voice Newsletter

Bringing Peace and Happiness to the Psych Ward An article which ran in the NAMI Voice newsletter, Spring 2013 As a member of the National Alliance of Mental Illness and lecturer in a psych ward, I introduce a meditation exercise to my groups. I have everyone get comfortable and relaxed and count from toe to … Continue reading

A Favorite Memory

I was painting from a picture of a lady on a swing on a warm springs day. It was a blend of impressionism and realism and I was overcome by the feeling of peace and tranquility as I painted it. It reminded me of all the times I lectured at the psych ward and gave … Continue reading


Princess Warrior by Sherry Joiner   Wishing I could make it to the NAMI Northwest Walks today at the Vera Katz Esplanade and hoping that everyone has a wonderful walk for mental health and to stomp out stigma. However, I am a Warrior. Next week I am invited to exhibit three of my pieces of … Continue reading

Mothers Day

Celebrating Mothers Day Holiday   Happy Mother’s Day! Have a wonderful day! Went out to dinner with my husband and step kids at Portland Seafood Company for Mother’s Day. Becky, my stepdaughter presented me with this beautiful bouquet of orange tinted roses and yellow lilies. The unexpected seems to be happening in my neck of … Continue reading

Spring Contest Ribbon

Entered a painting contest today feeling good with Schizoaffective Bipolar Disorder   Received a Third Place Ribbon today for my painting ‘Rose,’ from Pam Davis, North Clackamas Arts Guild at the Guild’s Spring Art competition. I am thrilled to have such great recognition for my painting of little Rose.    

ABOUT Crystal Springs

Taking care of my spirit for mothers day with Schizoaffective Disorder   Strolling along the Crystal Springs Rhodie Garden with my neighbor, Sue, and her dog, Barry White, for my annual nature Mother’s day walk.. Saw baby goslings and a family of wood ducks swimming joyfully, in a pond nearby. The azaleas, rhododendrons, and dogwood … Continue reading


May, Mental Health Month   Please visit Amazon Books, Sherry Goes Sane by Sherry Joiner for May, Mental Health Month. Kirkus Reviews writes- Sherry Goes Sane is an “Affecting, honest memoir useful to anyone trying to understand life with psychosis.”  

ABOUT Moonlight Event

Art Exhibition at Moonlight Coffeehouse   Moonlight Coffeehouse, SE McLoughlin, Milwaukie, Oregon, on Saturday night, April 21, 2018, hosted North Clackamas Arts Guild twenty-fifth Anniversary Art Show with me and my painting of the old man and his pipe, “Reflecting on Life,” photographed by Monroe Photography. Painting below. Thanks for coming in and enjoying yourselves.

ABOUT Tribute to Tia Paula

In memory of my moms sister   Losing someone is hard, however losing the last member of mom’s Brazilian immediate family of 12 is even harder.  Feeling such sorrow that my Brazilian mom’s youngest sister, my Aunt Paula, passed away the day before yesterday in Brazil. I met her in Bahia when I was in … Continue reading

ARTWORK Silver Anniversary

Twenty fifth North Clackamas Arts Guild Show   I’m so happy to be participating in North Clackamas Arts Guild 25th Anniversary Art Show hosted by Moonlight Coffeehouse at 15717 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Suite 1, Milwaukie, Oregon, on the corner of McLoughlin & Concord. The Show is from 5pm-8pm Saturday, April 21st. 2018 and the exhibit … Continue reading

ARTWORK Portland Exhibit

Exhibiting in the April Oregon Society of Artists non juried show   So happy to be participating in the Oregon Society of Artists- Water, Weather, Wind and Rain Show at 2185 SW Park Place, Portland, Oregon, 97205. The show opens 1-4 pm. Friday 13th with a reception at 6 pm-8 pm that evening. The show … Continue reading


We are redheads my sweet sister is two years older than I and I’m the one with a mental illness So often my words don’t show how I feel within, but my sister, Diana, is the best sister that has ever happened to me. She is a wonderful teacher, musician, photographer, wife, mother, and grandmother … Continue reading