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High-Energy Day at Oak’s Park

Went to Oaks Park yesterday with my adopted grand girls, Kayla and Kylie. They went on the hair- raising rides like the Octopus, Spider and Eruption (just Kayla on the Eruption, a ride which could not be dared by their father, Todd, Joe my husband, and little Kylie, or I), where she stood up in … Continue reading

World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day. Sharing with you my Wellness Plan. Please ask me about a slide show of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. It includes Don McLean singing Starry Night in the background to clips of Van Gogh’s paintings. My art teacher Dorothy, sent to me the video. It was serene, brilliant, and powerful. Let’s continue our support and compassion … Continue reading


Paranoia, Schizoaffective Disorder Meditation Tape   Regarding my article,”Bringing Peace and Happiness to the Psych Ward.”Here, my husband Joe and I are dining at the Taco House, just taking it easy. It seems like the less I think about the past incidences and my insecurities of life, the better off I am. A week prior, … Continue reading


For his birthday a few years ago, I made Dr. Ward T. Smith, my psychiatrist, a ‘Dr. Smith Fix It Bag.’ The ingredients of the bag were: a toy stethoscope, phony eye glasses, a small bottle of colored watered iodine, a small bottle of mercurochrome, a bandage, two Healing Gardens relax therapy lotions, a bottle of Tylenol, a bottle of pink colored … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year to everyone and to all my family in Brazil, Feliz Ano Novo! My New Year’s Resolution is- I will be as joyful as a summer’s bird, will show kindness to everyone and everything around me and will keep a positive attitude as long as my days last on this beautiful … Continue reading

The Holiday Season- The unreal world

I paint my unreal world. During the holidays, one may deal with stress, personal grief, economic concerns, and illnesses of all kinds. People with schizo-affective disorder and mental health disorders may tend to distort reality at these times. It can cause a change in their perception of reality. Trapped by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, they find ways to channel their energy … Continue reading

The Future is a Fascinating Journey

I had the wonderful privilege of being interviewed at the Oregon State Hospital Museum by Dr. Mickey Stellavato on September 25th. She took this picture of me while I was there. So much had changed since I committed myself in the asylum in 1971. In search of finding true happiness while I was at the … Continue reading

SHERRY GOES SANE Schizoaffective

Paranoia and Schizoaffective Disorder   Answer to Reader Question from Allison- “How did you first become paranoid?” I can best describe how I became paranoid by saying I had a traumatic childhood. Because of the abuse I took from my step father, my mental system of dealing with pressure began to erode. I became an … Continue reading

‘Raging Autumn Sea’

My oil painting of the Raging Autumn Sea. Every time I paint, I am moving further away from my diagnosis. You have to pinch me to remind me that I have schizoaffective disorder, I feel so normal.