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ABOUT Preschoolers

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder July Fourth Adopted Children   A photo of my adopted grandchild, Kayla, and me at Oaks Amusement Park celebrating her 7th birthday, this 4th of July weekend. The other photo is Kylie, (5),left, and Kayla, right, at Oaks Park the same day. They are sisters- two years apart- like my … Continue reading

Getting dressed for the Olympics

Because I have Brazilian Ancestry, I thought I would get ready for the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Gifts have arrived today from my cousin, Henry Anthony Tony Stratton who went to Brazil recently, and from my cousins Myrna Deirdre Duarte and Jane Duarte, who live in Joao Pessoa Brazil. The necklaces and earrings are muito colorful e … Continue reading

A Father’s Day Salute

Bless the fathers who are sincere to their wives and who are dedicated to their families. Who go above and beyond their beckon call and enlist in the service to fight a war to save our lives. Who stand up for civil rights and equality for women. And the fathers that seek mental health and … Continue reading

‘Stellar’s Jay’

In the plant and bird kingdom of our fair weathered-feathered friends, we see instinct and adaptation, unfolding in beauty and harmony. Within the human kingdom we also see adaptation and intuition. The unfolding lifts us up and takes us on to the right direction. In the wee hours of the morning where I pitched my … Continue reading

Birthday weekend for Kylie-Oaks Park

This weekend, Todd Werner, his kids, Joe, and I celebrated Kylie’s Fifth birthday. We went to Oaks Amusement Park and rode the rides. Even though, I had a hard time stepping into the ‘Balloon’ ride, it left me laughing giddily, spinning around, as Todd took the wheel. ‘Grampa’ Joe found a place in the shade … Continue reading

Close Stepdaughters

Children are the greatest gift you can have. Received a beautiful greeting from my stepdaughters, Cathy Jacobs in Las Vegas, and Becky Waudby, Portland, Oregon, for Mother’s Day. Inside my Mom’s Day card Becky wrote- ” Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and thank you for being there.” Inside Cathy’s card she … Continue reading

A Poster for Dr. Smith

My psychiatrist, Dr. Smith and me, and this poster I made for him from my painting ‘The Light At The End of The Tunnel.’ It is a birthday gift from me. I have been his patient of 23 years..  

ABOUT Ladies in Blue Group

Schizoaffective Disorder Politics   Living with schizoaffective disorder doesn’t stop my love and passion for our country and politics. I know my emotions and how I feel about certain issues and I am not afraid to voice my opinion. I believe that people should be treated equally and there is a place for everyone in … Continue reading

On my ‘Nature’ walk enjoying the flowers, the babies, the ducks, and the willow trees with my friend and neighbor, Susan Treacy, at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland, Oregon.