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Flashback to when I was a ‘Flapper’ in the 8th grade at Freemont Junior High in Roseburg, Oregon – I played the role of Mimi in our school’s play, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and I was a dance choreographer creating moves and dance steps to the 1913 song, “Ballin’ the Jack” written by Jim Burris, music … Continue reading

ARTWORK A Winters Rose

Dedication Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorder   Alice Savage, head of the RHS Class Reunion of 67′ dedicates a wall in her house to my’ A Winter’s Rose’ painting 20×24, and my other paintings from top to bottom in the small frame, -‘Red Rose’ ‘Autumn Rose,’ and ‘Brilliant Flowers Rising Upward to meet the Sun.’

Honored with a Lamb Doll

Praying Lamb Doll Award, I received for giving my NAMI In Our Own Voice speech last night, to the VA Family2Family Class in Portland, Oregon. Isn’t he cute?  

Healing- ‘A Flare of Remembrance’

Painting Healing- ‘ A Flare of Remembrance.’ The photo is of me beside this healing rose that I oil painted. I called it ‘A Flare of Remembrance.’ It was once on exhibition at the Oregon Society of Artists in Portland, Oregon, and the painting brought me good luck. I hung in NAMI Multnomah’s office for … Continue reading

A Christmas Card from the White House

Merry Christmas and thanks for keeping us safe, President Obama, Michelle, and family. This Christmas card was sent to me from President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia, Sasha, Bo and Sunny. I am so honored. May all my friends and acquaintances around the world have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy 2016. Feliz Natal … Continue reading

Golden Moments

These are the ‘Golden’ moments I cherish the most- My adopted granddaughter Kayla and my husband, Grandpa Joe, and Kayla hugging.

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours. May you have a very merry, joyous, and peaceful Thanksgiving and continuous abundance. Enjoy your Holiday! I am thankful for this Thanksgiving- For my relationships with family, friends, and acquaintances, and all the healthy and valuable lessons I have learned in the past to date. For the opportunity I … Continue reading

The Blessings of My Step-friends

When my husband had visitations rights, I was a whirlwind of emotions. What to say to his kids, what to do with them, how to hide this unfortunate disease. I was just released from a mental hospital, and  I felt the sensations in my head like spinning and twirling about, as if I were riding  a wild Octopus ride at … Continue reading