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Veterans Day

Grateful for our Veterans Schizoaffective Disorder   I’m honored to have helped raise my step daughter, Becky (center in this photo), a brave and caring Veteran of Desert Shield Desert Storm. Happy Veterans Day to all Veterans who enlisted in the service and fought to save our lives. Photo is of my husband, Joe, Becky, … Continue reading

ABOUT ‘Woods’ with Joe

Visiting with my family during Halloween with Schizoaffective Disorder It was a great time seeing my sister again, who was turning 70 this November. We dressed up in our Halloween costumes for the Holiday and danced to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. When ‘Thriller’ came on, it cast a spell on me. My husband, who was … Continue reading

ABOUT Photo with President Obama

Schizoaffective photo op with President Obama   So glad I had the wonderful honor of greeting and talking with President Obama at Intel, Hillsboro, Oregon, on February 18, 2011.  He is a great man of strong integrity, compassion and dedication to our country. I was working on the phones with a political group called Ladies in … Continue reading

ABOUT Picture with Vice President

Schizoaffective Disorder opportunity to meet Vice President Biden   So glad that I had the honor to meet and talk with Vice President Biden. Here is a picture of Vice President Biden, Leanne Baldwin, (Ladies in Blue), center, and me taken at the Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, at the Vice President, Biden’s and Senator … Continue reading

ABOUT Cannon Beach

Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorder coastal trip visit with my Brazilian Aunt   Took a trip to Cannon Beach with my husband, Joe and my stepdaughter, Becky. We had a splendid time visiting with my sweet Brazilian Aunt Deanna. Deanna will be 93 years old in October. I am so close to my aunt and my … Continue reading


Schizoaffective Disorder my brother Doug death anniversary   Roy Douglas Crawford- November 24, 1958- September 16, 1990. My brother, Doug, has always been near to my heart. We’ve always had each other. When I think of him, I can still feel his breathing as I am cradled in his loving arms. We were the palettes … Continue reading

ABOUT Healing

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder Healing with Myrna   Even though my cousin Myrna Deirdre Duarte from Brazil, lives a continent away from the United States, where I live, I feel a close connection to her. Her love occupies a place in my heart that reassures me – wherever I am, whatever the pain, or grief, … Continue reading

ABOUT My Grandparents

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder Searching for Brazilian roots   As I was looking through the pages of my mom’s wooden photo album decorated with palm trees, I came across a photo of her parents, Maria das Dores Bezerra and Joao B. Bezerra. My mom’s name, Maria das Dores, was the same as her mothers. … Continue reading

Mental Health First Aid Certificate

Completed my Mental Health First Aid Training Course. This is my instructor Pam Dunham, right, and me left. I was awarded this Mental Health First Aid USA certificate because I was trained to provide initial help to people experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders. The training took … Continue reading