Posted in June 2013

Passing the Luck along

A  friend once asked me, “What would you do if you found a lucky penny on the street? Would you pick it up, brush it off and put it in your corduroy jacket pocket?  Or would you use it as change to help you to buy a twinkie in a store with your nickel, other … Continue reading

A Dog named Neve

Having given an In Our Own Voice speech to a Family group on the day of the Rose Parade, I was honored with an orchid plant by the group leader. Afterwards, my husband and I traveled to Seaside and visited my aunt Deanna who is 89, and my cousin Mickey, and his wife Sue. We … Continue reading

My Real Father

In 2007, I needed to take my healing and channel it to another place. I was going to have a knee replacement.  My knees gave out on me as I applied at the malls and several teaching institutions and when crossing the street, I found myself in the middle of it without the strength in … Continue reading

RHS Reunion Luncheon 2013

Putting on a class reunion has added dimension to my life.  A classmate, Diane Rulien and I headed the 45th RHS class reunion luncheon in Portland, Oregon, April 2013. But we couldn’t have done it without the mastermind of Alice Savage, the confidence booster and power house of our 67’ Roseburg High class reunions. Our … Continue reading