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‘My Higher Power’

‘My Higher Power.’ Painting I did of my Higher Power by Sherry Joiner. For me, it’s never too late to walk down the street and witness the beautiful blooming of the flowers and the leaves on the trees, and to get in touch with my ‘Higher Power.’ I can’t ignore something is out there, call … Continue reading

ABOUT Preschoolers

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder July Fourth Adopted Children   A photo of my adopted grandchild, Kayla, and me at Oaks Amusement Park celebrating her 7th birthday, this 4th of July weekend. The other photo is Kylie, (5),left, and Kayla, right, at Oaks Park the same day. They are sisters- two years apart- like my … Continue reading

Getting dressed for the Olympics

Because I have Brazilian Ancestry, I thought I would get ready for the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Gifts have arrived today from my cousin, Henry Anthony Tony Stratton who went to Brazil recently, and from my cousins Myrna Deirdre Duarte and Jane Duarte, who live in Joao Pessoa Brazil. The necklaces and earrings are muito colorful e … Continue reading

President Bill Clinton Event in Portland

Had a good time at the President Bill Clinton Event in Portland, at the Left Bank Annex. I saw my Ladies in Blue friends there. It was a treat. I so enjoy their company. Here I am, as an audience member, shaking hands with the President.  

ABOUT Ladies in Blue Group

Schizoaffective Disorder Politics   Living with schizoaffective disorder doesn’t stop my love and passion for our country and politics. I know my emotions and how I feel about certain issues and I am not afraid to voice my opinion. I believe that people should be treated equally and there is a place for everyone in … Continue reading

On my ‘Nature’ walk enjoying the flowers, the babies, the ducks, and the willow trees with my friend and neighbor, Susan Treacy, at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland, Oregon.


Flashback to when I was a ‘Flapper’ in the 8th grade at Freemont Junior High in Roseburg, Oregon – I played the role of Mimi in our school’s play, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and I was a dance choreographer creating moves and dance steps to the 1913 song, “Ballin’ the Jack” written by Jim Burris, music … Continue reading

‘Beautiful Flower’

‘Beautiful Flower’ ‘If you look for the best in others they will find the best in you.’ An oil painting I did- 20×20 of an African American baby.