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ABOUT Celebrating

Taking care of myself during my Holiday with Schizoaffective Disorder   Traveling to Seaside this February to visit my sweet, Brazilian Aunt Deanna for my birthday celebration.My aunt is 94 years old.We are very close. I will take in the aroma of the Brazilian brewed coffee in my cousins’ kitchen, enjoy conversations in Portuguese with … Continue reading

ABOUT Obamas Card

Letting go of grief and schizoaffective disorder as I receive a message from the President   Received a Thank you card from the Office of the President today. I am just delighted to hear from President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. Their dedication and hard work will never be forgotten. Happy Holidays to both … Continue reading

ABOUT Christmas

Enjoying the Holidays with Schizoaffective Disorder at Alpinrose Dairy   While I was at Alpinrose Dairy this weekend with my adopted grand girls, I heard a voice call out my name. It was someone I had known from quite sometime ago. He told me that my book was wonderful, how much he liked Sherry Goes … Continue reading

Getting Well

Taking care of myself after election with Schizoaffective Disorder   What an experience it was to be a roller skater in my youth. I could glide to my freedom in my rollerskating outfits as I pushed aside my fears and anxieties while I circled the rinks. Now I will try another type of creativity or … Continue reading

ARTWORK Renewing and Blooming

Schizoaffective Disorder night at Open Minds Art Show   It was great getting to know some of the members of Clackamas NAMI at the Open Minds Art Show this October. Among the works of artists’ being on display, my portrait of ‘Emily’ (below), was also on exhibition. Michele Veenker, the director of NAMI Clackamas who … Continue reading

ARTWORK Brazilian Sunset

Schizoaffective Disorder capturing a Brazilian Sunset with my paint brush   Here is an oil painting, I did lately called ‘Sunset at Joao Pessoa, Brazil.’

ARTWORK Open Minds Art Show

Schizoaffective Disorder diplaying art work in Clackamas NAMI art show   I am an oil painter living with schizoaffective disorder. Throughout the year, I have the opportunity of displaying my paintings in different galleries, cafes, and fundraisers.  Please come and join me and fellow Clackamas NAMI Artists at the Open Minds Art Show in Oregon … Continue reading

ABOUT Cadaques Spain

Traveling with Schizoaffective Disorder   On one of my soulful journeys in 1995, I took a hike up this hill to this lighthouse overlooking beautiful Cadaques, Spain by the Mediterranean Sea.

ARTWORK Mamma Whistler

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder oil painting by Sherry Joiner     Here is my most recent oil painting- 18×24, I call ‘Mamma Whistler.’ Enjoy!