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“Big Eyes”

When I was 16, a young teenager, I was going through a tough patch. My mom, sister, brother, and I had just moved into the Green District (a suburb of Roseburg, Oregon), and my sister and I were assigned to one Queen sized bed in a small bedroom where two Margaret Keane’s paintings hung from … Continue reading

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is a sad, but joyful, loving holiday. It’s sad because so many service men in this country perished to save our lives. Its a joyful because we received their massive love that we might live. As I reflect on this holiday, I’d like to give my family a big endorsement. To Becky, my stepdaughter … Continue reading


Flashback to when I was a ‘Flapper’ in the 8th grade at Freemont Junior High in Roseburg, Oregon – I played the role of Mimi in our school’s play, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and I was a dance choreographer creating moves and dance steps to the 1913 song, “Ballin’ the Jack” written by Jim Burris, music … Continue reading

Mr. Potato Head

Pictures like these are great mementoes  of the past. I am nearing my 4th birthday with a little companion stuck to my birthday cake. Mr. Potato Head.

An Angel by my side

I will always remember this young chap named Dinky. He had the knack of creating magic with his rubbery little paws. Dinky loved the baths he got from my husband, Joe. He came from Panama (as a gift from my stepdaughter when she was stationed overseas), with his sweetheart, Sweetie, a cocker spaniel. When Sweetie was … Continue reading

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

When my sister, Diana, and I were young, we performed a routine on rollerskates called “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” at a downtown roller rink in Salt Lake City. I remember my sister and I, walking to the rink from our house with the shoe laces of our white leather boots strapped around our shoulders, and our toe … Continue reading

Joe’s Parent’s Celebration of Life

My husband Joe’s parents. Virginia passed away when she was 96 in 2011, and her husband, Vivian passed when he was 72, Christmas morning, 1984. A very giving and striking couple. Every Christmas we say our good -byes to Joe’s father, Vivian, and wish his mother, Virginia, and him peace and happiness.