Posted in May 2013

An Event Remembered

We walked through the Rhododendron Garden together viewing the luscious blooms and watched the baby geese feed themselves seeds from the green grass. It was a month since I talked with Amy Meyers, the coordinator of the Music and Art for the Mind show, and she seemed at peace with herself.  The warm wind tossed … Continue reading

My Article in NAMI Voice Newsletter

Bringing Peace and Happiness to the Psych Ward An article which ran in the NAMI Voice newsletter, Spring 2013 As a member of the National Alliance of Mental Illness and lecturer in a psych ward, I introduce a meditation exercise to my groups. I have everyone get comfortable and relaxed and count from toe to … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Having breakfast with my husband and friends this morning. My stepdaughter sent me a “Happy Mother’s Day” email, and I’m overjoyed. I’m wishing all the  mothers around the world who care about their children and want to make a difference in their children’s lives, a stress-free and healthy day.

ABOUT Traveling

Traveling with Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder   By Greyhound or Plane, keeping a Positive Attitude. What I relish in life is the fact that I had the opportunity to travel by myself to different countries. It surpassed the Saturday night movies with my husband and the fixing of Portuguese chicken dinners for my clients as an … Continue reading


  My heart goes out to the three girls in Cleveland, Ohio. What a horrific challenge the three kidnapped girls in Cleveland, Ohio, went through. Their bravery in dealing with their abductors throughout these  distressful years demonstrates their strong wills to survive.  One cannot begin to imagine the emotional, mental, and physical pain they endured. Their strength and hope to live has … Continue reading


Mom and I smoked Virginia Slims and carried on lighthearted conversations in my 20’s.  We became lushes together. She was a beauty born into a family of ten in Natal, Brazil, and had black kinky hair and hazel eyes. Her father was a tailor in a village where people came to him to mend their … Continue reading

ABOUT Being Bullied

Cheerleader Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Disorder When I was a cheerleader, I felt I had something to prove to the universe. I believed that I had the magic to make my life change. Our team’s name was the “Generals” named after General John C. Fremont. I made up cheerleading yells to “The Crazy General” for instance, … Continue reading