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Washougal High Band Concert

Last night we went to a band concert at Washougal High in Washington. Our thirteen year old grandson, Jacob was one of the drummers. It was a delight to hear him play. Art is so important to a child’s upbringing, we must educate a child with music. These photos are of my stepdaughter, my grandson, and … Continue reading

My Dream of Grandeur Illusion

A dream of my Grandeur Illusion. This morning, I had the case of a runaway mind. My burnt out level was high even though I had awaken from a deep sleep. I dreamt of my grandeur illusion. It went like this- I’m in a cold ethereal room with my head pressed up against a metal … Continue reading

My Painting of Geodon

My article “Schizoaffective Disorder” is published in CNSupdates.com. I invite you to take a look. I did this painting of my pill Geodon I did called, The Man in The Moon. Mr. Geodon has done wonders for me and has been with me for quite sometime. I take a low dose of it prescribed by a doctor, … Continue reading