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ARTWORK Paintings for Sale

Thank you everyone for coming in to view my art work and for the wonderful compliments on my art display. If anyone is interested in purchasing a painting that I have on display at the US Bank, 16th and Weilder, Portland, Oregon, please contact me at my website- artsandwritingbysherry.com. My paintings will be exhibited until … Continue reading

ABOUT Art Display

Bipolar Disorder Schizoaffective art work success   Yesterday, my husband and I put up my art work at the US Bank, 16th and Weilder in Portland, Oregon. My paintings will be on display until April 13, 2017. This is one of my displays of art work at the bank. If you have a chance, please … Continue reading

A Gift of Love

My sister and her husband’s gift of love to the world.   We celebrated our 27th anniversary and 39 years living together, reading this  great book of love poems by my sister’s husband, Robert Wilson Weibel, and photography by my sister, Diana Standing. It is a must read! Enjoy! Sherry Let that special someone really … Continue reading

ABOUT Getting Old

Schizoaffective Disorder and Aging   2007 photo of me- ‘Getting old is having so much to do in one day, that there isn’t enough time to do it all in.’ Sherry


Schizoaffective Disorder my brother Doug death anniversary   Roy Douglas Crawford- November 24, 1958- September 16, 1990. My brother, Doug, has always been near to my heart. We’ve always had each other. When I think of him, I can still feel his breathing as I am cradled in his loving arms. We were the palettes … Continue reading

A Gift for Hillary

Shipped my painting of ‘Hillary’ to Hillary Clinton this week. Should be there on Monday. Photo is of my friend Theresa, left, my oil painting I did of Hillary, middle, and I, right.  

ARTWORK Speaking

Art public speaking interview Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder healing   Healing from a chaos. I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to give an IOOV speech at the University of Portland yesterday, and to give a phone interview, today, on schizoaffective disorder for a college OT presentation, by Jessica Pham MS. Occupational Therapy Candidate … Continue reading

ARTICLES Roseburg Then

I wrote an essay about Roseburg Oregon Roseburg then and now I grew up in the small city of Roseburg. Officially, I moved to Roseburg to its rolling green hills, from Salt Lake City, where I used to float in the Great Salt Lake when I was 10. In my 4th grade, I, and other students, participated in Roseburg’s Centennial where we … Continue reading