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Standing at the Roads of Progress

I’m so thrilled to announce that I will be a guest on KBOO Community Radio- 90.7 FM. based in Portland, Oregon. My interview will take place on July 27th, 2015, at 11 AM. KBOO broadcasts on air 24 hours a day to listeners in Vancouver, Washington, Corvallis, Hood River, and outlying areas as well as Portland, … Continue reading

Princess Warrior

Hi! I’m so happy to announce that I just gave an IOOV speech to the Agency Reach CDC and had a great time. This is my latest oil painting I did of me called ‘Princess Warrior.’ Everyone of us has bravery and courage in one way or another. The worst is over, and there are always … Continue reading

Presentation at First Unitarian Church

Thank you Rosebud, for hosting my presentation on Sherry Goes Sane, Schizoaffective Disorder to the Mental Health Action Group at the Unitarian Church. I was able to answer many questions about schizoaffective disorder and enjoyed myself. I was a great time.

Schizoaffective Disorder presentation

I’m happy to announce that I will be giving a speaking presentation on Schizoaffective Disorder and my book Sherry Goes Sane, for the Mental Health Action Group at the First Unitarian Church, Monday, May 18 at 7 pm. Photo taken by my friend and neighbor, Sue, on our walk through the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens.

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In Our Own Voice Speech National Alliance on Mental Illness Schizoaffective   Today I had a  delightful time co-presenting with Julio in an In Our Own Voice NAMI Workshop at SAIF Corporation. It took place in Portland, Oregon. Here is a picture of me and Julio. We have given presentations for the last couple of … Continue reading

Volunteer Outreach

I did some volunteer outreach and gave an In Our Own Voice presentation today to Elder Place, an audience of 200 at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon,  and had a great time. My painting of Spring.  


The picture, is taken several years ago, but significant. It was taken of me when Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber was being sworn in. While I was at the State Capitol Building for NAMI’s Mental Health Lobby Day in Salem today, news was circulating about Governor Kitzhaber’s resignation. I’ve yet to hear the results. I and a few … Continue reading

KEYNOTE Speaking

Tools Keynote Speaker Schizoaffective   Tuesday, I became a headline keynote speaker at the NAMI Lane County holiday dinner and had the wonderful opportunity to speak to an audience that was uplifting, motivational, and positive. It was so nice to meet such great and genuine people. I am the author of Sherry Goes Sane, and a … Continue reading