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KEYNOTE Mother’s Day

I hope that you enjoyed your mother’s day   To all the mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and God mothers who have raised and nurtured their children to become kind and loving human beings while the lives they have imagined have been to hard to take. And also thank you to all the mothers watching … Continue reading

HOME May Mental Month

Please visit Amazon books for May is mental health month I wrote my book to help deal with mental illness and suicide   Last Miracle for Maria, Gary Marschke, NAMI Clackamas writes: It’s a must read for EVERYONE simply because, as Sherry’s story demonstrates with such clarity, we’re all affected by mental health issues every … Continue reading


Dr. Smith my psychiatrist of twenty six years wrote a blurb for my book last miracle for maria   Took care of my mental well being. He showed me the ‘Light at the End of Tunnel,’ My Sanity. Painting by Sherry M. Joiner  

Happy Easter

Hope the fog has lifted a little in everyone’s hearts this Easter and we can move from disaster and sadness to peace and optimism soon   I enjoy looking through old photographs like this one of me and my older my sister, Diana, at the capitol building in Salt Lake City when we celebrated Easter … Continue reading


Everyone have a safe healthy happy passover good friday and easter   We will be social distancing here and being mindful and tactful towards the crisis and owning our own space. In memory of those who have gone before us, ‘The Weeping Rose’ by Sherry M. Joiner  


Celebrating world bipolar disorder day and hoping everyone is safe healthy and free of pain   Call domestic violence hotline for help if you are going through struggles with your spouse or family member during these times. Painting by Sherry M. Joiner


Today clackamas review published an article about my book it is in wednesdays issue   Interviewed by email by reporter Ellen Spitaleri and she published an article about Last Miracle for Maria: A Story of Suicide, PTSD, and Schizoaffective Bipolar Disorder Type in the Clackamas Review.

ARTWORK Sea Turtles

Living with schizoaffective bipolar disorder type and ptsd during this crisis sometimes I wish I was a sea turtle swimming on the ocean floor   Sea Turtles by Sherry M Joiner

Keeping care

If you are stuck inside today put on a pair of shorts and a summer blouse do push ups lift weights dance to the music listen to meditation tapes   and call or email your therapist or doctor if you need to. Stay well and take precautions if you are sick, keep a pain diary … Continue reading