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Happy Birthday Mr. President   Happy Birthday President Obama, You are a wonderful man with incomparable strength, honesty, compassion and integrity. Thank you so much for all that you do. This picture of my photo op with President Obama at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon, Feb. 18, 2011. Photography by Pete Souza.


Hoping that the  militia leaves Portland and never returns I don’t deal with the infliction of  harm and pain on my friends and our constituents too well   Someday there will be peace when our government deals with coronavirus and our lives are more safe and our parties are united. We must implement Congressman’s John … Continue reading

Rep Lewis passing

Tears fell heavy here on my home last night as we watched the news on tv   the powerful life story of  Congressman John Lewis, the Giant of the Civil Rights Activists. We witnessed the immense pain John went through when he led the march to Alabama and when he was jailed. John was a … Continue reading

ABOUT Distorted Reality

The discrediting of Dr. Anthony Fauci a famous doctor during this pandemic   ‘My soul weeps for Dr. Anthony Fauci,’ painting inspired by Manet by Sherry M. Joiner  


Sending love and peace to our country to eliminate the cruelty that is defined by the discrimination of the gender and color of our skin   Painting by Sherry Joiner- “We are One, Brothers and Sisters.”  


Added African American mental health resources to my resource page   Please check out my new list of resources on my resource page from NAMI It includes- African American Mental Health Resources Treatment Directories Educational Services  Thank you!