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Thank you Sister

Beautiful Flowers delivered to my door today from my Sister Diana and her husband Bob. Their special message of love, respect, support and pride caused me to glow and radiate with joy as reflections of light bounced off our living room and onto the wonderful flowers they sent.. I was in my element.


Please come to the North Clackamas Arts Guild Art Sale July 31, 2022. I am exhibiting and selling eight of my oil paintings. Please come and visit and feel free to view the art on display. Hope to see you there. Sherry M. Joiner


“Godess of Goodwill” “We are too young before we die.” Painting by Sherry M Joiner. Sorrowful for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s death. May he rest in peace.


With all the worldly and personal health effects that triggered unusual sad reactions on my physical and mental body on the fourth and others I reverted to my skating memories as a child and entered a second calling. I imaged my sister and I skating to the music in Central Park with Nile Rodgers ” … Continue reading


There were times when I was able to create a safe place for myself living with schizoaffective disorder and others. I was a speaker for NAMI Oregon. Pain and suffering had awaited our lives externally, but I was given the chance to help others learn from my private life and the symptoms of this disorder … Continue reading

Swearing in

Congratulations Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. I pass the Baton to you. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Sherry M. Joiner

Another Tragedy

Feeling so sad for the loss of lives and tragedy in Texas. Sending healing and love. Because I am a member of North Clackamas Arts Guild in Oregon, I am honored to go wherever and whenever my paintings take me in support of my cause. Yesterday I displayed five ethnic paintings that I had painted … Continue reading

Abortion Law

Before the Supreme Court decides to trash the women, children men’s mind and bodies in our democracy, I suggest that each judge ask each individuals in the US. and their loyal friends and families, about how they feel about having the burden of an unwanted baby in the family and how they will pay for … Continue reading


My Word is Live and be at Peace, that every Victory and accomplishment made towards saving the lives of our children, women, men, color, region, race be sacred and safe from gun violence and semi automatic weapons. Love for the caring and loving Fathers who will be without their children this Father’s Day because of … Continue reading