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Mothers Day

Celebrating Mothers Day Holiday   Happy Mother’s Day! Have a wonderful day! Went out to dinner with my husband and step kids at Portland Seafood Company for Mother’s Day. Becky, my stepdaughter presented me with this beautiful bouquet of orange tinted roses and yellow lilies. The unexpected seems to be happening in my neck of … Continue reading


We are redheads my sweet sister is two years older than I and I’m the one with a mental illness So often my words don’t show how I feel within, but my sister, Diana, is the best sister that has ever happened to me. She is a wonderful teacher, musician, photographer, wife, mother, and grandmother … Continue reading

ABOUT St. Patrick’s Day

Top O The Morning To You   My thought for this St. Patrick’s Day is- ‘Never Underestimate the Power of Thinking.’ Strive to be great, humble, and fearless in the eyes of others. This photo was taken forty-seven years ago when I lived at Huntington Beach, California, growing my blonde-hairdo from the roots of my … Continue reading

ABOUT Intl Womens Day

Happy Womens International Day   I hope that every woman- grandmother, mother, daughter, individual, and human being experienced a healthy, happy, and safe, Women’s International Day yesterday! A day of freedom from abuse, discrimination and inequality, a day of fairness for a right to choose, fairness for voting and reasonable gun laws, equal pay, and … Continue reading

ABOUT Last celebration

Last Day to Celebrate   Wonderful to be treated to lunch at Seasons and Regions today by my Ladies in Blue friend, Theresa LoMonaco. It was the last great time that I would celebrate my anniversary in the month of February. I am wearing these crystal blue earrings from Theresa and enjoying her Georgia O’Keeffe … Continue reading

ABOUT Valentines Day

Vacationing in Seaside to celebrate my birthday   My birthday week ended with watching Shape of Water and I loved it. What a beautiful movie. Afterwards I walked to the turn-around viewpoint in Seaside and enjoyed listening to a man play “Amazing Grace,” on his harmonica. He captivated a flock of seagulls handing them food … Continue reading

ARTWORK Ocean Sunset

Today is my official birthday   Just finished painting my birthday gift today of an ocean and sunset. ‘Sunset on the Ocean’ by Sherry Joiner. Wishing everyone happiness and good health today and places you enjoy like walking along the shore and breathing the salty air as you relax and unwind.  

ABOUT Birthday

Celebrating my early sixty ninth birthday at Portland Seafood Company tonight   Looking back over the last couple of years, I have climbed so many mountains. Lost of few long term relationships because of stigma and judgmental people but I am on top of the world again. What’s important to me is beginning new relationships … Continue reading

ABOUT New Year

Wishing you a New Year that is full of light and beauty with many opportunities to harmonize  have peace and prosperity My New Year’s Resolution: I will pay attention to better weight change, eat foods that are good for me, and exercise at least 60 minutes a day. Photo is of my husband, Joe and … Continue reading

ARTWORK Santa’s Portrait

Healing with the Holiday Season   Met Santa at Christmas in Dairyville and brought a present for him. A portrait I did of him called ‘Father Winter,’ by Sherry Joiner. He was elated. Good tidings!