‘My Higher Power’

‘My Higher Power.’ Painting I did of my Higher Power by Sherry Joiner. For me, it’s never too late to walk down the street and witness the beautiful blooming of the flowers and the leaves on the trees, and to get in touch with my ‘Higher Power.’ I can’t ignore something is out there, call it energy, person, spirit, to create such beauty from an atom or cell. The exercise relieves my depression and paranoia. I stop and talk in a soft tone down in heart and up through my soul. “Thank you for everything,” I say. I am on a mission- to become saner and help our country become safer. I know I must work hard, so I can maintain by giving the people I love, the wisdom I have experienced in a short amount of time. Joining in with my ‘higher power’ I painted this picture after my many walks.

'My Higher Power'

‘My Higher Power’

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