Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours. May you have a very merry, joyous, and peaceful Thanksgiving and continuous abundance. Enjoy your Holiday!

I am thankful for this Thanksgiving- For my relationships with family, friends, and acquaintances, and all the healthy and valuable lessons I have learned in the past to date. For the opportunity I had to meet and talk with President Obama and to have a photo op with him, to meet Vice President Biden, for the help I received from doctors to keep my head in a good place in spite of my illness, for the ability to write my memoir Sherry Goes Sane, and to reach people through my book, and my arts and writing.

The picture is of my husband, my step girls- Becky, Cathy, left to right, and me. I have included an old photo of my sister and I, at my Uncle Doc’s niece’s, Pat Johnson’s,

Thanksgiving wishes- My family

Thanksgiving wishes- My family

at Thanksgiving time when we were young. My Uncle Doc is in my book, Sherry Goes Sane. My sister and I

Me and my sister, Diana at Pat Johnson's for Thanksgiving

Me and my sister, Diana at Pat Johnson’s for Thanksgiving

are wearing matching dresses and white bows in our hair. I am the one at the front of the table with a white blanket covering my leg braces. Best wishes, Sherry

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