‘Tiny Hands on Book’ I created for Phoebe

I Can Tie My Shoe- Phoebe's Book

I Can Tie My Shoe- Phoebe’s Book

Sewing a ‘Tiny Hands on Book’ for my great granddaughter, Phoebe. She is 6 months old now. I have created two pages- I Can Button My Blouse and I Can Tie My Shoe. Can’t wait to show you the finished product. I have seven pages to go. Sewing is another way that I learn to cope. I love to do stitchery work, make doll dresses and create children’s books. I guess you might say that I am still young at heart. My painting, sewing, writing, and speaking keeps me busy. I am so happy I have these outlets and hobbies to occupy my mind and to give to others. They are a blessing in disguise

I Can Button My Blouse, Phoebe's book

I Can Button My Blouse, Phoebe’s book

in dealing with my schizoaffective disorder.

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